Wool Felt MacBook Sleeves

Protect your MacBook wherever you go with this superb wool MacBook sleeve. The felt sleeve is designed with the highest quality in mind, reducing the wear and tear on your computer device when you use it outside. Your MacBook supports you while you work and stay connected on the move – and you invested in one of the best computing devices on the market – so it makes sense that you want to keep it at its best for longer. Our MacBook sleeve is the perfect option for this.

This great product is available in 13 inch, 13.3 inch and 13.6 inch versions, and a range of different MacBook devices will fit perfectly into the breathable and cushioned interior of the envelope. If something knocks against your laptop, or if something scrapes it while it's in your bag, it'll stay protected. The material is specially selected to reduce seismic shock on the top, and the sleeve's construction is built to optimise protection for your devices. 

While the material keeps the device safe from light bumps and scuffs, it's also lightweight and slimline. In other words, it won't take up too much space in your bag, but it will still do the job. On top of this, it feels great to touch – the high-quality material is comfortable to handle and will keep on providing those great levels of protection for longer. Give the merino wool felt material a feel – you can really sense the supreme quality and durability of this material.

Convenience is a key aspect of your MacBook, and you want a laptop sleeve that offers the same. There's no zipper on the envelope-style design, so you'll be able to access your device quickly with no risk of scratching when you remove it. At the same time, the top-loading access flap keeps the computer safe and secure when it's in your bag. To put it simply, you can rely on this felt MacBook sleeve.

A Versatile Solution for Your Devices

Are you looking for a felt MacBook Pro sleeve? Maybe it's a MacBook Air felt sleeve you need? This is the perfect option for both devices. No matter which Mac you use, it will fit into the envelope snugly and easily, thanks to the form-fitting design of the felt laptop sleeve.

There's also style to think about. Apple makes stylish devices, so you need a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air felt sleeve that matches this great aesthetic. The fine merino wool felt envelope is available in a sleek and understated grey colour, or in a deeper black shade if you prefer. It's really up to you and your personal style preference.

Choose Your Felt MacBook Sleeve, or Find Out More

You can pick up your felt MacBook Air or Pro sleeve right here on our product page. Just choose the colour and the size you need, and then place your order. 

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